Membership in the Friends of the Plainfield Public Library District is open to all persons  who elect to fulfill the membership requirements, which is to pay an annual membership fee to the FOL.  These individuals are considered Members in Good Standing and are entitled to one vote (upon verification) at General Membership meetings.  Individual members are also eligible to be elected and appointed to the Executive Board (Officers & Members-at Large).

Becoming a Member

As a library cardholder of the Plainfield Public Library District, you are already a friend. Please consider a greater commitment in any or all of the following ways:

  • Annual Sustaining Financial Support 
  • Annual Sustaining Financial Support AND Active Participation in the efforts of the Friends
  • Annual Sustaining Financial Support AND Active Volunteering (on call as needed) to enhance the awareness of the Library, its programs, services and resources to the community
  • Becoming a Lifetime Companion (a one-time contribution)

If you are interested in the Plainfield Public Library, enjoy using it and appreciate the rich variety of services and resources it offers you, JOIN US in supporting and helping the Library grow.  New members are always welcome!

There are various levels of Annual Sustaining Financial Support:

  • Senior Buddy (65+) or Student Pal (gr.K-12) – $5.oo
  • Best Friend – $10.00
  • Business Patron – $25.00
  • Lifetime Companion – $100.00+ (1x donation)

 …..THEN choose how ‘active‘ you wish your membership to be:

You can choose Active Participation, which means you attend the monthly Board Meetings and help with the month-to-month business of the FOL.  You may even choose to run for an office or accept appointment to a Member-at-Large position. 

…or you might decide on Active Volunteering, which means you are part of a roster of members who, when called upon, provide the necessary manpower to the organization (i.e., sorting books for the annual sale, setting up/providing support for events and programs). 

…or if you just want to provide Annual Sustaining  Financial Support with a membership level contribution.

Membership fees (with the exception of Lifetime Companion) are paid to the Friends of the Plainfield Public Library District annually.

Click the ‘ JOIN NOW! button on the Home Page to join or to renew.